San Diego 2015®: Celebrating a Century of Creativity (Building Toward a Millennium of Sustainability)
The 1915 Panama-California Exposition held in San Diego, CA, USA initiated the growth of the Region, and ushered in a Century of Creativity. We now face the challenge of Building Toward a Millennium (1000 years) of Sustainability.
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Bring back the nudist colony for 2015!  - by Lilo, Wed 2013-Mar-27 at 7:47 PM
- Kevin Swanson (Chief Sustainability Officer)


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The 1915 Panama-California Exposition in San Diego has several animated films associated with it that are on YouTube:



The 1935 California Pacific Exposition

The 1935 Exposition held in Balboa Park was significantly different from the 1915 Panama-California Exposition. Here is a link to a paper on the 1935 Exposition:

One of the challenges facing the Public, with the City as Stewards for this urban park, is how much they wish to restore Balboa Park within the National Historic District guidelines. The Plaza de Panama Committee project restores the Plaza de Panama and Plaza de California to historic uses at the cost of forever changing the look and feel of the Heart of the Park through building a bypass bridge, a new road, and an underground parking structure.



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