San Diego 2015®: Celebrating a Century of Creativity (Building Toward a Millennium of Sustainability)
The 1915 Panama-California Exposition held in San Diego, CA, USA initiated the growth of the Region, and ushered in a Century of Creativity. We now face the challenge of Building Toward a Millennium (1000 years) of Sustainability.
Will you help build "San Diego - Where Dreams Become Reality?"
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Bring back the nudist colony for 2015!  - by Lilo, Wed 2013-Mar-27 at 7:47 PM
- Kevin Swanson (Chief Sustainability Officer)


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 Welcome to San Diego 2015®: "Celebrating a Century of Creativity"
(Building Toward a Millenium of Sustainability)

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San Diego 2015®: "Celebrating a Century a Creativity" is a private, regional effort to create and showcase lasting Opportunities for the San Diego Region. This web portal highlights ways in which everyday people can showcase their Community, businesses can showcase their products or services, and Communities can showcase themselves. Do not confuse this site and organization with Balboa Park Celebration, Inc.'s (BPCI) efforts.

On October 12, 2013 "It Begins With A Roar"™ with The Horseless Carriage Club, La Jolla Regional Group was cancelled due to Federal Government Shutdown. Their pre-1916 vehicles tour on December 7th from Shelter Island Launch Ramp Parking Lot on the Historic 1915 Point Loma Race Course with a scenic trip to Cabrillo National Monument as part of its Weekend Festivities was cancelled due to weather.

On June 7, 2014 15 "Horseless Carriages" Roared (and sputtered) their way from Shelter Island along the Race Course out to Cabrillo National Monument for a Living History day. Video from that event will be posted on YouTube under the San Diego 2015 channel shortly.

Here is the YouTube Presentation of what the San Diego 2015®: Celebrating a Century of Creativity + Building Toward a Millennium of Sustainability Project is all about, including "Balboa Park 2015™: Explore the Past + Create the Future™" campaign.


Do you have an Idea, an Event, a Discussion, a Business, or a Celebration that fits within our Theme? What do YOU have to be Proud About? Why should People Want To KNOW about it? 

We encourage Communities throughout the San Diego Region to partner with Car Clubs, Transportation Enthusiasts, Community Service Groups (Chambers, Rotary, Lions, Masons, etc.) in creating and promoting "Creativity Festivals" over over 2014 and 2015. Invest in yourselves by purchasing clothing that matches your enthusiasm, transportation, or creativity - showing it off at your local Creativity Festival, and at events throughout 2014, 2015 and beyond to 2019 - when we Celebrate the 250th Anniversary of the Founding of the Californias.

Sign up for the Newsletter to stay informed and "Like" San Diego 2015 on Facebook. Send us articles, photos, ideas, and events that showcase the great things about San Diego, the USA, and the World over the past 100 years. What is taking place now that will influence how the world becomes Sustainable for the next 1000 years? We face significant challenges.

1915: WWI had broken out in Europe, cars were starting to change transportation, medicine was beginning to have breakthroughs, and a Century of significant changes to the world was being sparked. San Diego as a Region capitalized upon these changes by creating an Exposition with the theme of "Human Progress." 2015 is an Opportunity to reflect upon the changes that have taken place in the last 100 years and to build upon those changes in creating 1000 years of sustainability.

The San Diego Region was discovered in 1542 and colonized in 1769. It was not the myriad of separate community identities of today. While individual communities continue to develop their unique aspects, the Region has a chance of becoming Sustainable for the long term through collaboration and cooperation. (A hand that is all thumbs does not work very well. The secret to a system functioning well is understanding how the parts work together.)

Are you a potential sponsor or participant for events, activities, infrastructure, or sustainable practices? Consider partnering with "Promote San Diego, Inc." whose motto is "San Diego - Where Dreams Become Reality.™" We can help match you up with organizations to create an extraordinary experience leading up to 2015, and establish lasting relationships that build toward the 250th Anniversary of the Region's founding in 2019.
The ideas presented within these pages represent Dreams that can become reality. We are a Region of Dreamers - let us show the World how to build a better future.

San Diego 2015® is a Regional and Collaborative Effort to showcase what is GREAT about the Region during 2015. Events take place all the time throughout the Region that are exciting and fun. We will begin identifying events taking place in 2013 and 2014 as organizations submit them to us, and work with them to create synergistic efforts between organizations. You should make the San Diego Region one of your primary destinations during 2015, and consider learning more during 2013 and 2014.

Brief Background

SD2015 tower logoThe original 1915 Panama-California Exposition had the theme of "Human Progress."  The 1935 California-Pacific Exposition created jobs and provided economic positives to San Diego during the Great Depression. It attracted Economic and Intellectual Capital to the San Diego Region.

The 1935 Exposition was known as "America's Exposition. (Note the landscape and building changes compared to today!)

Balboa Park and the San Diego Region are significantly changed from 1915 and 1935. The Region now has multiple venues for entertainment, educational events, and economic events. Tijuana, as a City that borders on San Diego, has a population greater than the City of San Diego. Orange County, Riverside County, and Imperial County are quite different than they were 75 and 100 Years ago. The San Diego Region of today has over 6 million residents. In size and topography it could be compared to Israel, with many of the same challenges with respect to cultural and geographic challenges.

2015 for the San Diego Region will not be a traditional "Exposition." In keeping with the Spirit of 1915, the Region will create a unique experience to showcase the creativity within the Region that has attracted the businesses, organizations, and people in the past 100 Years. It is hoped that the collaborative efforts surrounding 2015 will result in a Sustainable Region for the next 1000 years. To that end, events will be held during 2013 and 2014 that will be expanded for 2015.

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Wonder what is missing from San Diego's Balboa Park - and why there is a National Historic Landmark District within Balboa Park? Take a look at this video, which covers the 1915 and 1935 Expositions. The National Historic Landmark District, created to protect the structures and landscaping from these two Expositions that were large enough to be considered "World's Fairs" on an after the fact basis without obtaining official branding from the United States government, is a "Jewel" that needs polishing. Will you help?

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Syntropic® is a federally registered trademark. Syntropic® Systems is a management consulting practice. The Syntropic® Games™ is a project that can be implemented to benefit a region and multiple economic sectors. San Diego 2015® is a project and related web portal with social, economic, and environmental benefits specifically tied to the San Diego/Southern California/Baja Mexico region.

This Website, and San Diego 2015®, are NOT Affiliated with, Associated with, or Sponsored by the University of San Diego, The San Diego Museum of Man, The San Diego Chargers, the Balboa Park Inn, the City of San Diego ("City"), the City's Balboa Park, the Balboa Park Celebration Corporation, Balboa Park Central, Balboa Park Cultural Partnership, Friends of Balboa Park, Balboa Park Online Collaborative, San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce, San Diego Regional Economic Development Corporation, San Diego County, or any organizations or businesses using either "San Diego" or "Balboa Park" in their names, an eight pointed star, a "compass rose" or any variation of a four, eight, or sixteen pointed star or a compass rose in its logo. This is a PRIVATE Non-Governmental Effort that will work with municipalities, businesses, and individuals to accomplish benefits for the region.

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The 1935 California Pacific Exposition

The 1935 Exposition held in Balboa Park was significantly different from the 1915 Panama-California Exposition. Here is a link to a paper on the 1935 Exposition:

One of the challenges facing the Public, with the City as Stewards for this urban park, is how much they wish to restore Balboa Park within the National Historic District guidelines. The Plaza de Panama Committee project restores the Plaza de Panama and Plaza de California to historic uses at the cost of forever changing the look and feel of the Heart of the Park through building a bypass bridge, a new road, and an underground parking structure.



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